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  • Route 16, Route 17, Atlas City

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  • Route 16

    An excrutiatingly long 78 miles trek through the Lesion wilderness. The Pokemon in this region are hardy and tough, and as such only Trainers with at least 7 badges are allowed Passage.
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  • Route 17

    One of Lesion's three Cycling Roads. Route 17 is a fairly well-known attraction among Cyclists, and the downhill ride to Route 8 gives a fair jolt of adrenaline to those racing their friends down the 6 mile slope.
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  • Atlas City

    The second of 'The Big Three' cities in the Region, as well as being the Lesion Capital, Atlas City is famed for its casinos and bars. It has dozens of Pokemon Centers and PokeMarts, boasts the Battle Tower, Name Rater, Atlas City Department Store, and a weekly attraction in which Trainers can rejoin with the Gym Leaders they defeated in the past and perhaps have a rematch. Most Lesion Regional Events are held here.
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