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  • Route 10, Route 11, and Beacon City

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  • Route 10

    An 18 mile stretch of land across an open flatland to the north of Serenity. Half-way through it branches off into Route 11. Several Trainers can be found battling against each other and even battling the wild Pokemon as they anticipate their upcoming Gym Battle. [Wild Pokemon: Luxio, Pikachu, Magnemite, Electrode, Dedenne, Ditto, Tynamo, Mareep, Stunfisk]
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  • Route 11

    Cycling Road #1. Route 11 branches off of Route 16 as a 6 mile downhill slope. Some Cyclists test their mettle by riding against the force of gravity towards the top.
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  • Beacon City

    One of the largest Cities in Lesion. It has several Pokemon Centers, the Lesion Power Plant, a Music Recording Studio, several bars and nightclubs, as well as three PokeMarts, several apartment complexes, and the Beacon City Pokemon Gym.
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