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  • Route 18, Lake Azure, and Mistral City

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  • Route 18

    A trail of about 40 miles leading from Mistral City to Lake Azure. It is a popular sightseeing trail among tourists due to the rare pokemon normally found in the forested area before the Lake itself. [Wild Pokemon: Raichu, Bibarel, Scizor, Metagross, Salamence, Klefki, Chingling, Togekiss]
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  • Mistral City

    The final hurdle for those seeking out the Pokemon League Challenge. Mistral is a city built around Steel and metalworking, and this reflects in the architecture of the houses. It has a Pokemon Center, PokeMart, several houses, a Lift to get higher up the mountain (see Route 14), and the Mistral City Pokemon Gym.
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  • Lake Azure

    A popular tourist location. Lake Azure is the single biggest lake in the Lesion Region, and is by far the most prominent. There is a cave in the center of the isle that is said to have once housed a legendary pokemon. People can be seen performing recreational activities on the shoreline. There are several concession stands lining the beaches. [Wild Pokemon (Via Surfing/Fishing): Magikarp, Mantyke, Wingull, Luvdisc, Whiscash, Vaporeon, Azumarill]
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