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  • South-East Lesion

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  • Route 2

    The Route leading from Seasalt Town to Faelen Town. It is a 20-mile stretch of meadowy forest that has a slightly-beaten road of packed grass running through it. [Wild Pokemon: Ralts, Jigglypuff, Clefairy]
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  • Faelen Town

    A small town at the end of Route 2. It has a few houses as well as a Pokemon Mart, Pokemon Center, and the Faelen Pokemon Gym. It is the first stop for trainers doing the League challenge.
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  • Route 3

    A 24-mile route immediately after Faelen Town. It splits into Route 4 near the end of it's journey to Fairbrooke Town. [Wild Pokemon: Bidoof, Raticate, Taillow, Pidgey]
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  • Route 4

    A 6-mile expanse of gravel road leading to a small cave. The forest surrounds the Route on all sides. [Wild Pokemon: Geodude, Roggenrola, Onyx]
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  • Fairbrooke Town

    A decent-sized town at the end of Route 3. It boasts the Fairbrooke Pokemon Gym, as well as the Pokemon DayCare and a Pokemon Center and PokeMart.
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  • Route 5

    The Route leading from Fairbrooke Town. If one goes all the way to the left of this 20-mile stretch, they can almost make out The Divide in the distance. [Wild Pokemon: Caterpie, Weedle, Psyduck, Surskit]
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  • Misty Cove

    A town coated in endless layers of Mist. It has a Pokemon Center and Pokemart, as well as the Move Deleter's house, and the Misty Cove Pokemon Gym.
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