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Orion Kaneux [Trainer] Empty Orion Kaneux [Trainer]

Post by Requiem on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:03 pm


Name: Orion Kaneux (KAH-nay-ooh)

Age (at least 15): Seventeen years of age

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aaaaah…again, ask me for a headshot if you need one.
A taller teen though not overly so, as he stands at a height of five foot eleven and weighs in at one hundred and twenty-three pounds, making him slightly underweight for a boy of his stature, though doesn’t change the fact that he holds a somewhat toned physique all in all regardless. His hair a bit on the longer side and is a bit fashionably styled, as he has bangs that cover his right eye while the remainder of his hair is basically brushed and slicked back to a point. It is of a pure, snowy white coloring, which is complimentary to his eyes, which are a clear, frosty blue tint.

His normal attire is pretty simple, for the most part. He simply wears a monochromatic flannel of varying colors as a first body layer, with a longsleeved hoodie – which is almost always either black or some shade of grey – over it. As for the lower body, he normally sports a pair of jeans, which, like his flannel, varies in coloring, though is most often seen as a black, white, or some variation of grey. His shoes are of the athletic/running type, and are of a monochromatic, black-and-white gradient.

Personality: A rather calm, free-spirited, and fun-loving type of guy who tends to be capable of keeping his cool despite a good majority of tight binds that he may be caught in. Regardless of whether he’s around childhood friends or people that he’s just met, he’s seen as the type who’s social to an extent and is pretty laid-back in his behavior most of the time. He does tend to joke around and maintains a somewhat sly tongue, which guides him to speak of hidden, beneath-the-surface jokes; regardless if they’re inappropriate or appropriate. Alongside this, he also tends to compliment others to praise them, but the way that he words himself and says what he does could drive others to think that he’s…well, hitting on someone. Of course, most don’t know for sure for a majority of the time unless he actually confesses to his actions.

History: While his older brother was born in Mistral of the Lesion Region, Orion was born in Jubilife City of the Sinnoh Region during a trip across the Regions to allow his family to visit a few relatives. He and his family ended up staying in Sinnoh for a little less than a decade, and Orion studied at the nearby Trainer’s School when he was an appropriate age, having heard many stories of Pokemon and things along their lines from his older brother, Leon. Around the time when Orion was eight years of age, Leon and his mother went back to their home Region of Lesion, where Leon began his own Pokemon journey soon after returning. Nine years later, Orion moved to Lesion after completing his studies with a good amount of satisfactory to follow after his brother who, by then, had earned a spot in the Elite Four.

Starter: Riolu
*Nickname: Belt
*Ability: Inner Focus

Current Moves:
Foresight - Quick Attack - Endure

(Stats compared to one another at the current time)
HP ||| Mid
Attack ||| High
Defense ||| Low
Special Attack ||| Mid
Special Defense ||| Mid
Speed ||| High
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Orion Kaneux [Trainer] Empty Re: Orion Kaneux [Trainer]

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