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Post by Killua on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:52 pm


Name: Tama Apep

Age (at least 15): 16

Gender: Female


Light purple that only goes to her chin. She has a small petite type body. She has creamy white skin that leans towards the pale side. Her eyes are a deep brown color. She wears a sailor type uniform seen in the picture. She has a birthmark right on her right side and has numerous little scars on her body from surgeries and putting needles inside of her. She is only is 5'1" and has a slim features and a very weak like body. When she is really tired her eyes turn a deep brown color rather than their regular brown look.

Face Claim: the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya | Yuki Nagato

Face Claim:
Tama Apep| Trainer Yuki_nagato__render__by_assassinwarrior-d6okw3q


Even with a weak health she still pushes on. She is very confident with herself and doesn't seem to know when to give up. Even after battling she can get a little upset, but she will always re-challenge the player to so that she can try to beat them. Tama never knows when to give up. She is stubborn when it comes to somethings. Tama has always been an empty shell so sometimes she doesn't understand certain feelings such as love, anger, and sadness. She is a bundle of joy and happiness. She loves Pokemon and humans a like and usually keeps her Pokemon out in the open. She helps out by hosting big lunches, breakfast, and dinners for her pokemon so that they are all out and free. Sometimes Tama can be a bit cold towards people not knowing how to help someone in need or handle someone that is crying.


Tama had always lived in an empty house. Her parents were work alcoholics. Even when Tama's mom died when she seven, her dad still worked but sometimes he would never come home. Although there was one person that was always by Tama and that was her maid. Although she only stayed for a total of four hours, but she was still around. That wasn't the only thing but she lived on top of a mountain with no one around. Tama was completely isolated as a child. Mostly due to the fact she had a very weak body. Her maid wasn't the only one that came to the house, but once a week a doctor would come and check on her health. But as Tama turned 10 she realized that she didn't want to be like this. She started reading and writing on her own. She started to get out doors more and hanging around the non harmful pokemon. Training her body to undergo harsh conditions until she would get sick again. Although when Tama turned 14 she had a seizure and lost half of her eye sight in her right eye, but it didn't stop there. After the seizure she got a virus that terrorized her body endlessly. So when turning 15 she couldn't go outside yet. Tama had to wait until she was 16 until she could go outside and start her adventure.


Cyndaquil | Re

-Tama changed her last name when she received Re. She named herself after the snake that tried to eat the sun god Re. She named her Cyndaquil after the sun god Re.
-Tama is an excellent cook and can perform many household chores.
-Tama has no idea what her parents look like
-Her maiden name is Tama Zanik. The Zanik company helps makes nets, and things other than poke balls to catch pokemon.  
-Tama is allergic to gluten.
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Tama Apep| Trainer Empty Re: Tama Apep| Trainer

Post by Reaper on Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:01 am

Looks good to me. Stats and Moves will be assigned to the Pokemon upon reception via an Introductory thread.

Approved and Moved.

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