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Post by MrBrough on Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:58 pm


Star Cerdic
Age (at least 15):

Height: 6’ 6-½”

Weight: 260 pounds

Face claim: Star Cerdic 4758-1692585030

Star is a rather druff and at time rather exasperated person who hates to deal with complicated or troublesome events or people constantly expresses this sentiment in the form of complaining or open argument.  But unfortunately for him he finds himself constantly drawn to the plight of other and is incapable of not helping in some way and despite his best efforts to seem like he doesn't care he forms emotional attachments rather quickly

Born in Hoenn but traveled with his older brother until his brother stopped traveling and after a while of staying in one place for a while he decided to begin traveling on his own as a trainer. got Canicus from his brother years ago but only recently did he start training with him

Pokemon: Torchic
Ability: Blaze
Move: Growl
Move: Scratch
Move Ember
Move: Flame Burst
Hp: Mid
Attack: Mid
Defense: Low
Sp.Attack: Mid
Sp.Defense: Mid
Speed: Mid
Gender: Male
Parent Pokemon: Mother Vulpix Father Blaziken

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Star Cerdic Empty Re: Star Cerdic

Post by Reaper on Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:57 am

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