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Chasity Lovegood [Trainer]

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Chasity Lovegood [Trainer] Empty Chasity Lovegood [Trainer]

Post by Purpose on Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:10 am


Name: Chasity Lovegood

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: This trainer is petite in size, her height barely reaching the 5 foot marker on any measurement device(Most record her at 4"10 but she will never admit it). Her figure comes a bit chubby, due to her over indulgence in the snacks her mom brings in, but overall comes in good health.

Her hair is currently pulled into 2 low pigtails, each reaching an over an ich in length after they touch the floor in a vibrant shade of strawberry blonde, tied off with 2 chartreuse ribbons that match her eyes nearly perfectly.

Her skin is tanned, dotted with dark freckles around her upper cheeks and nose, as well as around her shoulders. She also has a birthmark along her ribcage. So far, she has no piercings or tattoos.

Her attire consists of her favorite pink cotton sweater cape, black leggings, and lace-up boots. She also carries a plush Pokeball backpack to cart around all of her items.

Personality: Chasity comes with a skip in her step, and a bubbling sense of positivity that can sometimes be painful to hear. She comes with an energy usually unmatched by her peers, put has no successful outlets for it as of late, so it can lead to talking incessantly and moving a bit faster than she really should be. Although, she can be more than a bit clumsy, and has scars from her many accidents to prove it.

This bubbly face can turn quickly if her height is mentioned. She will become frustrated and defensive, and will often give whomever mentioned it the cold shoulder until apologies are made.

With her Pokemon, she will form deep emotional bonds. She has a preference for bigger Pokemon she knows she can ride.

History: Coming from a long line of Pokemon Breeders, Chasity was around and in love with Pokemon since her first moments. As a child, she would ride around some of the bigger Pokemon her parents had bred, and dreamed of becoming a competitive Rhyhorn racer in the Hoenn Region. Upon turning 16, she decided she would become a trainer and left her home to head for the place her journey would begin.

Ability: Overgrowth
Tackle[Power 50//Accuracy 100] [Normal]
Growl [Power NA//Accuracy 100] [Normal]
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Chasity Lovegood [Trainer] Empty Re: Chasity Lovegood [Trainer]

Post by Reaper on Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:32 pm

Seems good to me. Approved and Moved, PM me when you wish to begin the Introductory Thread.

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