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General Rules [8/10/15] Empty General Rules [8/10/15]

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:39 am

August 10th, 2015 ||| Update by Requiem
The rules have been tweaked here and there for updates and revamping. Some parts have been removed, but they'll be recreated in separate Rule Threads to prevent this particular thread from becoming too long. As of this day, this Rule Thread is the General one. Each title listed down below will be a link to other informational, Rule-related threads for this site.

**Combat System (Thread to be Created)**
**Evolution, EXP, and Stat Upgrades (Thread to be Created)**
**Currency System and Purchasing Items (Thread to be Created)**
**Pokemon Accuracy System (Thread to be Created)**
Nature Charts - Its Effect On Stat Growth


SI: The Basic Roleplaying Rules and the Forum in General
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(1) ||| This is first and foremost a Roleplay forum. That being said, Roleplaying will be the primary thing that we do around here.

(2) Cursing is, indeed, allowed around these parts. I know how annoying it may be to have your sense of normal, every day vocabulary be restricted, so there is little to no limit regarding the type of curse words you can say. Yes, you can say fuck, and other words on that type of level.

***(2-A)*** ||| While cursing is allowed around these parts, you can't just go around F-bombing the whole forum, or using the language that you're aloud to have here to intentionally condescend others, as well as their sexuality, nationality, and other things along those lines. We understand that the occasional word and phrase accidentally slips out from time to time, and a simple warning will be given if this happens. However, it's quite easy to distinguish unintentional acts from intentional a lot of the time. If you are caught purposely trying to bat down somebody's beliefs and things of the sort, you'll be banned as soon as the action is taken into account. Whether it's a temporary or permanent ban will depend on how far you've crossed the line.

***(2-B)*** ||| So long as it's under Roleplay circumstances, rule 2-A will be excused. In-character discrimination is fine, as it's between characters and not the actual players themselves.

(3) ||| English will be the main language used in this forum. Of course, you can still have characters who know other languages, and/or use said languages on occasion in-character.

(4) ||| When Roleplaying, use the best sense of grammar and punctuation that's personally possible to your own being; for the sake of all of those who Roleplay with you. Because...you know, too many mistakes can cause misunderstandings, and too many misunderstandings can cause quarrels. You catch my drift, right?

(5) ||| In Roleplay threads, don't go posting two or more consecutive posts in a row. You can fix whatever mistake you have or change your post for whatever other reason with the edit button.

(6) |||  Note that sexual depictions ARE NOT aloud in this specific forum. I don't care if there's activity like characters making out, or even feeling one another up to an extent. Just don't, don't include the actual Roleplaying of ‘what comes after’ out in the open. Either move to Private Messages, an alternative Roleplaying source, or don’t do it at all.

**(6-A) ||| Things such as "Fade to Black" and Timeskips are allowed to take place of such things. They can both skip over the content not allowed here, and also imply that that sort of activity had happened.

(7) ||| If either your character or one of you characters’ Pokemon die, then they stay dead.

(.8.) ||| NO GODMODDING OF ANY SORT. I can't stress this enough. When I say Godmodding, I refer to the following:

-Autohitting ||| Attacking the other Roleplayer's character dead on, without giving them a chance to dodge. (Exceptions can be made, but so long as somebody asks for an autohit in advance.)

-Powerplaying ||| Dodging and/or countering every single attack thrown at you. Autohitting allows one to dodge and counter an attack, but if you do it over and over and over again, it can get annoying and is then considered powerplaying.
**For Autohitting and Powerplay ::: In regards to the Pokemon Accuracy system, it’s a given that some attacks will be more likely to hit than others. Read the ‘Pokemon Accuracy System’ thread in the forum’s resources for more information.**

-Metagaming ||| Giving your character information that you learned off-screen and having them use it...without them having any way of actually finding that out in the forum.

-Character Control ||| You are to control your character(s), and your character(s) ALONE. Other characters will be created by other players. You have control over your own characters, and they have control over theirs. Don't go controlling what isn't yours. (Exceptions are made for NPC's.)

(9) ||| Out of Character (OOC) notes in Roleplay posts are aloud, but should be kept to a minimum. Don't go including an OOC note in every post you create.

(10) ||| Provide a link to your approved character(s) in your signature, or create a thread in the 'My Characters' Forum with all of your active characters.

SII: Creation in General
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(11) ||| Connects back to Godmodding. Your character isn't invincible. He or she isn't some sort of God, Goddess, or a deity. He or she can be based off of one, but can't actually be one. If they lose a limb, that limb stays lost. If they lose a capability, that capability stays lost. Simple as that. The same thing applies to a character’s Pokemon.

(11) ||| Mary Sue-type characters aren’t allowed, so don’t even try.

(12) ||| Be as detailed as you possibly can when making a character profile. The more depth, the better!

(13) ||| Don't go commenting in approval threads/character profiles that you didn't create. Exceptions to this rule are Admins, Moderators, and those who are in charge of helping out with the acceptance process.

(14) ||| Those who are able to accept characters cannot approve their own characters.

(15) ||| There is no specific limit for the number of characters that one can create, but don't make characters that you won't even end up using. I'm one of the many people out there in the world that loves to create characters day by day, but it really does flood the site if you make characters that aren't even used.

**(15-A)** ||| In order to keep track of created and approved characters, one is required to make a list of all of their characters on the site. Do so by creating a thread in the "Character Listings" forum.  

(16) ||| No half-Pokemon hybrids, not even of Pokemon from the Human-Like Egg Group.

(17) ||| If you need to retire a character, make a farewell thread for him/her and post a request in the ‘Sendoff’ forum under ‘New Characters’ stating which character(s) are becoming inactive. Said character(s) will be moved to the ‘Locked Characters’ forum and saved there, just in case a Roleplayer eventually wants to revoke their retirement request and use his/her character again.

(18) ||| Mega Stones and their conductors are a thing in the Lesion Region, but they’re to be extremely scarce. This means that there more than likely won’t be more than ten characters maximum who have access to Mega Evolution on the site. Mega Evolution status will more than likely be achieved by Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and Champion, or possibly even Team Leaders, but can also be achieved by normal, experienced Trainers under rare and special circumstances.

**(18-A)** ||| Unless the character at hand has already been discussed with two or more Admins of the site and has his/her concept approved ahead of time, a character can only obtain a Mega Stone/Stone Conductor through a sitewide event such as a tournament, or some other plot-important and Admin-run thread, but only if you also have the necessary amount of Pokedollars to do so. See more info about Mega Stones and Mega Evolution by one of the links provided above.

(19) ||| New Trainers can select any Non-Legendary and first-tier Pokemon to be their Starter Pokemon.

**(19-A)** ||| A character can, of course, be a somewhat experienced Trainer, or even a long-time Trainer, who has stronger Pokemon with them. Creating an experienced with a differing strength level is allowed, but only if a Roleplayer already has at least one Beginner Trainer with two Evolved Pokemon.

SIII: Thread Rules and Tags
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(20) ||| Threads are to be labeled with specific tags in the thread title. The tags are as they go:

-[Open] ||| These threads are open to anyone on the forum, so anybody can hop in. Keep in mind that opened threads can get overwhelming if too many people join. Any thread that isn't tagged with anything will automatically be considered open.

-[Closed] ||| Closed threads obviously aren't open for anybody to join in. Often times, these threads will be somewhat minor, and organized by a group of people in advance; said people being the ones taking part in the thread.

-[Invite] ||| In a way, Invite threads are a mix of both [Open] and [Closed]. They are initially closed, and members can't just jump in out of the blue. However, a member can message the thread creator, asking permission to join the thread. The creator doesn't necessarily have to accept a request for another person to join.

-[Limited] ||| Once again, somewhat of a mix between [Open] and [Closed]. Limited threads are...well, limited. The thread is open, but can only have a certain number of people in it and. Once that limit is reached, no others can join. It is up to the thread creator to decide how many people can be in the Roleplay thread, and it is also up to them to keep track of the number of participants.

-[Plot] ||| By default, [Plot] threads are automatically closed. These threads were organized by a player through the Plot forum, and had a signup prior to the first official Roleplay post of that thread.

-[Event] ||| Similar to [Plot] threads, save for the fact that event threads are created and primarily run by the forum's staff members. Whether or not the thread is opened or closed will vary, and will also be tagged saying such. Event threads are the only places you can get Legendary, Shiny or otherwise unique Pokemon and Items.

-[S.S.] ||| Here on the Unglued Network, we really like to ship (Especially Empoleon/Elliot). As such, when shippings are involved, we like to tag them. It's not necessary, but we like it. Due to the number of obscure Pokemon shipping names, it's fine to name them after shippings from the canon, but you can't call it after a popular one (No Pokeshipping, no Rocketshipping, Etc.)
**Obviously this part of the Thread Tags was added by Empoleon_Blownaparte. Just keeping this here because I myself like to use the Shipping Tag, myself (Requiem). fite me for that if you want bro FITE ME

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General Rules [8/10/15] Empty Re: General Rules [8/10/15]

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:13 am

Updated... Yes, already...

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General Rules [8/10/15] Empty Re: General Rules [8/10/15]

Post by Requiem on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:18 am

Rules have been updated once again as of August 10th, 2015.
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General Rules [8/10/15] Empty Re: General Rules [8/10/15]

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