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Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:01 am


Name: Peter Born

Age (at least 15): 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short brown hair. Wide brown eyes. 5 ft 3 in. rather muscular but you can't usually see it through his loose clothes. He wears a brown t-shirt with either black tracksuit pants or dark blue jeans and brown sneakers, he also wears a rather large traveling backpack themed after his father's signature pokemon, Exploud, where he keeps both essentials, like food and a tent, to entertainment stuff like a laptop and his guitar.

Personality: To put it bluntly, Pete is a very blunt kinda guy, always speaking his mind even when it'd be better if he didn't. He loves his parents very much and is kind of a momma's boy. Has a fanboy crush on a a celebrity named Leaf Kominee to near obsessive levels. Is near equally obsessed with fiction in general.

History: Born and raised in Fairbrooke Town to a famous retired-musician-turned-gym-leader, Nicholas Born, and his wife, Lyla Born. Peter was given a rather spoiled life of gaming, tv shows and film, giving him a rather... Interesting view of the world. His father wanted him to become a powerful trainer like himself, as such he often hinted at it throughout Pete's youth, from subtle things like buying him pokemon themed plushies and other things, to more obvious things like outright saying that he'd make a great trainer. Pete picked up on these quickly, but didn't show it, he wanted to surprise his dad on his fifteenth birthday, as they were about to cut the cake, his father asked what his plans for the new year of his life would be, Pete smiled, stood up proudly and said "I'm headin' to Sea Salt Town to get my first Pokemon!", his father was overjoyed at hearing this. A day later he started his journey...

Starter: Teddiursa
-Nickame: Ted
-Gender: Male
-Moves: Covet, Fake Tears.
-Stats: Hp Low, Atk High, Def Low, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Very Low, Spd High.
-Ability: Pickup
-Personality: A Trickster, a Thief and kind of a dick.

Misc Information
-Is a massive fanboy of a certain idol and contestant, Leaf Kominee.
-Soon after his birth he was rumoured to be half-Buneary, these rumours were quickly shut down as false (And his parents and father's Lopunny were greatly offended)
-Is very talented with Photoshop and the acoustic guitar.

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Peter Born (Signature Character) Empty Re: Peter Born (Signature Character)

Post by Reaper on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:37 pm

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