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Elite 4 Member- Number 4: Sylvanas

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Elite 4 Member- Number 4: Sylvanas Empty Elite 4 Member- Number 4: Sylvanas

Post by Reaper on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:32 pm

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Name: Sylvanas/Amaranthe Nightshade

Age: 23

Appearance: Sylvanas has dark hair that reaches down to her lower back, and piercing red eyes that oftentimes give people strange chills. She is generally dressed in varying shades of red and black, and has a small silver necklace around her neck. When Amaranthe takes control, it has been noted that her eyes will sometimes change color to a slightly lighter shade of red. She is about 5 feet 11 inches, and has a rather voluptuous form as well.

Elite 4 Number: Fourth/Final

Elite 4 Type: Dragon

Elite 4 Pokemon (Species, Move Set*, and Type):

-Salamence [Male/Intimidate]
{Hp: Med High; Attk: High; Def: Medium; Sp. Atk: High; Sp. Def: Med; Speed: High}
+Dragon Rage
+Dragon Claw
+Fire Fang
+Brick Break
+Iron Tail
+Draco Meteor

-Kingdra [Male/Sniper]
{HP: Med; Attk: High; Def: High; Sp. Atk: High; Sp. Def: High; Speed: Med}
+Hydro Pump
+Dragon Breath
+Dragon Pulse
-Dragonair [Female/Marvel Scale]
{HP: Low; Attk: Med; Def: Low; Sp. Atk: Med Low; Sp. Def: Med Low; Speed: Med Low}
+Dragon Breath
+Dragon Rage
+Extreme Speed
+Aqua Ring
-Haxorus [Male/Rivalry]
{HP: Med; Attk: Extremely High; Def: High; Sp. Atk: Low; Sp. Def: Med Low; Speed: High}
+Dragon Claw
+Fire Fang
+Brick Break
+Hyper Beam
-Hydreigon [Male/Levitate]
{HP: High; Attk: High; Def: High; Sp. Atk: High; Sp Def: High; Speed: High}
+Fire Fang
+Dragon Breath
+Dragon Claw
-Goodra [Female/Hydration]
{Hp: High: Attk: High; Def: Med Low; Sp. Atk: High; Sp. Def: Very High; Speed: Med}
+Sludge Bomb
+Iron Tail
+Ice Beam
+Dragon Pulse
+Dragon Breath

History: Sylvanas was raised in Blackthorn City in the Johto Region, and as such she was constantly surrounded by Dragon Pokemon of all types. When she was younger she would always be found near the Dragon’s Den playing with the Dratini local to the area. Sylvanas herself has always been a very friendly, and even musically-inclined, person. She learned how to play the violin at a young age, and still plays to this day when she has the time. When she was 7 she had her first ‘encounter’ with Amaranthe when a group of other kids began to make fun of her.

Needless to say, they didn’t bother her very much after that due to Amaranthe’s now-infamous ‘Stare’.

When she was 10, Sylvanas received her Dragonair as a gift from the Blackthorn Gym Leader when it was a Dratini as a good-luck present for her journey. Sylvanas travelled the Johto Region for the next three years learning all that she could about her Pokemon, as well as trying her hardest at the Johto League. Amaranthe proved to be quite the formidable opponent, and the girl did what most thought was impossible: She reached the Indigo Plateau with just a Dragonair and a Kingdra. However, she was stopped short when she went to defeat Lance, and returned home with a bittersweet smile on her face. Sad that she had lost, but happy to have gotten such a wonderful pair of allies.

When she arrived home, Sylvanas was surprised to see the Lesion League Champion sitting at her dining room table conversing with her mother. After a bit of introduction, the Champion confessed that they had come to invite Sylvanas into Lesion’s Elite 4. Sylvanas accepted, and spent the next few years gathering four more companions from various areas of the planet until arriving in Lesion at the age of 17. Since that time she has proven to be far more than just a cute face, and has become quite popular with even the much-admired Leaf Konimee.

Personality: Despite her MPD, Sylvanas is one of the most well liked members of Elite 4, and even the Lesion League in general. She generally has a very upbeat personality, and is extremely friendly to boot. She can usually brighten a tense situation, however she isn’t very good at strategy and as such she battles mostly for fun instead of competition. Sylvanas tends to travel around the Lesion Region when there aren’t any challengers at the League, and is often seen relaxing around Lake Azure.

She only has one other personality by the name of Amaranthe. Amaranthe is the polar opposite of Sylvanas, and is rather cold and distant. Amaranthe carries an aura around her that often scares most trainers just by being around them. Amaranthe is the singular personality out of the two who shines brightest in a battle, and is the most strategically-inclined of the two. Whereas Sylvanas is the most liked, most also revere her with a silent respect due to Amaranthe’s surprising combat ability.

Misc Information:
--Can be found at Lake Azure when there aren’t any Elite 4 threads going on.
--Tends to always have either Hydreigon or Dragonair by her side at all times.
{Battle Theme- Jinsei Reset Button- GUMI (Leaf In-Universe)}

*Pokemon may have up to 6 moves

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Elite 4 Member- Number 4: Sylvanas Empty Re: Elite 4 Member- Number 4: Sylvanas

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Everything looks good! Approved!

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