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Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis

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Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis Empty Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis

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Name: Melody Aegis “The Blazing Girl”

Age: 18

Appearance: Melody is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 128 pounds. She has bright crimson hair tied into two twintails on either side of her head, and has piercing red eyes as well, although it is rumored that she dyed her hair. She normally wears a red t-shirt and a black skirt that has a red trim along the bottom as well as a pair of black steel-toed boots.

Gym Number: 5

Gym Type: Fire

Badge Design (Optional):
Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis RhAJ4Cy
Smoulder Badge

Gym Pokemon (Species, Move Set*, and Type):

-Charizard [Male/Blaze]
{HP: Med Low; Attk: Medium; Def: Med Low; Sp. Attk: High; Sp. Def: Med; Speed: High}
+Fire Blast
+Skull Bash
+Iron Tail
+Dragon Claw

-Darmanitan [Male/Zen Mode]
{HP: High; Atk: Very High; Def: Low, Sp. Atk: Low; Sp. Def: Low; Speed: Med High}
+Power-Up Punch
+Grass Knot
+Flame Charge

-Magcargo [Male/Magma Armor]
{HP: Low; Attk: Low; Def: Very High; Sp. Atk: Med; Sp.Def: Med; Speed: Very Low}
+Rock Slide
+Solar Beam
+Rock Polish
+Iron Defense

-Volcarona [Female/Flame Body]
{HP: Med; Attk: Low; Def: Low; Sp. Atk: Very High; Sp. Def: High; Speed: High}
+Fire Spin
+Bug Buzz
+Aerial Ace
+Poison Jab
+Hyper Beam

-Typhlosion [Male/Blaze]
{HP: Med; Atk: Med; Def: Med; Sp. Atk: High; Sp. Def: Med; Speed: High}
+Flame Wheel
+Flame Charge
+Brick Break
+Power-Up Punch
+Shadow Claw

-Houndoom [Male/Flash Fire]
{HP: Low; Attk: Med; Def: Low; Sp. Atk: Quite High; Sp. Def: Med; Speed: Med High}
+Thunder Fang
+Fire Fang
+Sludge Bomb
+Iron Tail
+Shadow Ball

History: A Kanto region native, Melody was born in the Cinnabar Islands a few years after the volcanic eruption that destroyed the town there. She was raised around the Pokemon native to the islands, and trained under Blaine for most of her life until she and her family moved to Lesion when she was 11. While Melody hadn’t been permitted to go on a journey in the Kanto region like her older sister Natalie, she was at least allowed to receive her first Pokemon from Professor Oak.

Once in the Lesion Region, Melody found herself enthralled by all the different pokemon that inhabited it. While certain areas held less Pokemon than would be expected, if one looked closely enough they could find a far greater variety than reported. When she was 15, Melody finally started her journey with her Charmander. She managed to reach the Indigo Plateau just one year later, but was stopped short by the Champion. After multiple failed attempts she returned home, and just three days later she received a letter from the Lesion League asking her to be the new Fire-Type Gym Leader.

She accepted, and bid farewell to her parents back in Clear Cliff before making her way to her new home. A year has passed since then, and with her eldest sister now the reigning Champion of the Lesion region’s Battle Frontier, Melody strives to become the best she can.

Personality: As her gym would suggest, Melody has quite a fiery disposition. She is quite energetic and quick to speak her mind on just about anything. She is extremely brave, and her combat style as a trainer reflects this. She makes friends easily, and is fiercely loyal to them as well.

Misc Information:
-Her eldest sister Natalie is the current Battle Tower Champion. The Lesion Battle Frontier is located in Atlas City.

*Pokemon may have up to 6 moves

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Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis Empty Re: Firerock Hill Gym Leader: Melody Aegis

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Lookin' good! Approved!

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