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Elite 4 Member- Champion: Abram Powers Empty Elite 4 Member- Champion: Abram Powers

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:35 am


Name: Abram Powers

Age: 23

Appearance: (Face Claim - America - Hetalia) 6'2 in height, 169 in weight. Short, messy blonde hair. greenish-blue eyes. Wears an archeologist outfit that his grandfather gave to him on his 18th birthday with a bomber jacket that he happened to buy in an antique shop, a pair of combat boots and a pair of glasses.

Gym Number: Champion of Lesion

Gym Type: None/Various

-Patriot (Braviary): Superpower, Brave Bird, Return (TM), Fly (TM), Bulk Up (TM)
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Very High, Def Medium, Sp.Atk Low, Sp.Def Medium, Spd Very High. Ability: Defiant.
-Fencer (Gallade): Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Power-Up Punch (TM), Poison Jab (TM), Swords Dance.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Extremely High, Def Medium-High, Sp.Atk Medium, Sp.Def High, Spd High. Ability: Justified
-Tyrant (Tyrantrum) Head Smash, Earthquake, Ancient Power, Return (TM), Dig (TM), Giga Impact.
--Hp High, Atk Very High, Def Very High, Sp.Atk Low, Sp.Def Very Low, Spd Medium-low. Ability: Rock Head
-Khan (Barbaracle): Razor Shell, Skull Bash, Stone Edge, Return (TM), Poison Jab (TM),  Protect (TM).
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Very High, Def Extremely High, Sp.atk Abysmal, Sp.Def Medium High, Spd Medium Low. Ability: Tough Claws
-Wildfire (Magmorter): Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Overheat (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Sunny Day.
--Stats: Hp Medium-high, Atk Medium-high, Def Low, Sp.Atk Extremely High, Sp.Def High, Spd High. Ability: Flame Body
-Madman (Metagross): Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Explosion (TM), Rock Polish (TM), Zen Headbutt, Miracle Eye
--Stats: Hp, High, Atk Extremely High, Def Extremely High, Sp.Atk High, Sp.Def Medium, Spd Medium-low Ability: Clear Body

History: Born to a pair of Pokemon breeders in Unova in the city of Nimbasa, Abram was raised to be the best trainer he could be, and failing that, the best breeder, since he was old enough to speak, for a few years he trained with his father's Braviary, but on his 8th birthday he got a Rufflet egg, this egg would soon hatch into Patriot, his closest friend and companion. After more years of training he began to travel Unova to collect the eight badges at the age of 13, but when he got all of them, he never challenged the Elite Four, instead he headed to the East on the earliest ship he could, when he arrived in Kanto he did the same thing again, collected the badges and moved on to Johto, again, eight badges, move on without challenging the E4, once again he went to Sinnoh and collected more badges, then to Hoenn, then finally to Lesion. It was there he finally became champion. No one knows why never fought the Elite 4 before, when asked he merely says "Who knows? Who Cares? Not me.". He is known to be one of the strongest trainers in the eastern hemisphere, if not the world...

Personality: While at first Abram seems like a stupid and bullheaded showoff, he is actually a kind, thoughtful and pretty chill individual, even if he really is a showoff, he just shuts his brain down outside of battle because he doesn't really need to use it. In battle however, he is a force to be feared, he can think as fast as he needs to and his Pokemon are brutal and merciless in their fighting styles. He treats his pokemon with love and affection and while in battle they seem like monsters, in reality they're much like their trainer, they are calm and collected, they just hate to lose, even to eachother during sparring...

Misc Information:
-Braviary is his signature pokemon and he gained Patriot as an egg on his 8th birthday.

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