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Petals and Punches [Dual Intro Thread]

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Petals and Punches [Dual Intro Thread] Empty Petals and Punches [Dual Intro Thread]

Post by Purpose on Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:28 pm

Tick..... Tock.... Tick.... Tock.....

The girl slowly opened her eyes to gaze at the clock, the bright light of the sunlight coming in through the window momentarily blinding her droopy, sleepy gaze. Giving them a quick rub as she began to adjust, the bedheaded teen sat up in the bed, her eyes wandering around her room until she gazed at the clock once more, brain trying to make sense of the numbers on its face.


Blinking once more, her brain began to catch up with reality before a look of sheer panic crossed her face. Today was the day she was going to recieve her first Pokemon, and like hell she didn't want to be later than she probably already was. Immediately, she stood in an attempt to begin her day, but Chasity quickly found herself on the floor, tripping over her own hair. Pushing herself back to her feet, she ran as fast as her bunny slippers could carry her to the bathroom.

"Freak! Frack! Stupid alarm never went off!!" The soon to be trainer childishly 'cursed' to herself as she began the long process of brushing and pigtailing her long, strawberry blonde hair. Toothbrush in mouth, one would find her rushing to dress herself before spitting the suddsy toothpaste from her mouth. She would race downstairs, grabbing an icecream bar from the freezer before heading out as fast as she could, sprinting toward her destination.

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