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Welcome to the Shopping Center! Empty Welcome to the Shopping Center!

Post by Requiem on Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:31 pm

Yes, yes; welcome to the Shopping Center! If you've been stockpiling your Pokedollars and are looking to redeem them for various things for your Pokemon, then you're at the right place! Here at the Shopping Center, you'll find various threads - the stores - where you can find several goods of varying item types and categories! You can buy things that you'd find at your general Poke Mart, or maybe even more specialized things like TM'S/HM's and other things of the sort!

Please note that, in order to purchase an item, you must have a sufficient amount of Pokedollars to obtain said item. Some items may also require a post requirement, or even an Event Voucher that can be exchanged for the item that it promises. More on Pokedollars and purchasing items in this particular forum can be found in the 'Currency System and Purchasing Items' thread, located in the forum's Rules and Resources.

In order to purchase an item, just look through the thread(s) that catch your eye, scope out the item(s) that you wanna pick out, and make a reply post stating which things you're looking to buy! An Admin will eventually update the thread and deduct the necessary amount of Pokedollars from your account, and, once that's done, you'll officially be able to use them in-battle.

Enjoy your stay, and please, by all means, browse our wares! 'Til next time, Trainer!
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