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Lesion Town Names/Introduction to the forum Empty Lesion Town Names/Introduction to the forum

Post by Reaper on Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:51 pm

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Professor Hawthorn, although most people tend to call me the Pokemon Professor! The region laid out before you is known as Lesion, and it is a vertible wonderland of Pokemon and humans alike! Here in Lesion, as with the many other regions, people and Pokemon share a co-existence unlike any other. While some choose to battle against other Pokemon Trainers alongside their Pokemon, others choose to raise the Pokemon of other Trainers or merely play alongside them as an owner would a pet. While the region itself seems like an island floating in the middle of the ocean, if one looks closer they can see the wonders that each unique town and Route hold within. As a new Trainer you can choose to undertake the Pokemon League Challenge, which will take you all across Lesion, or you may choose to instead nurture and aid other Trainers that pass by you. Below you will find information on the Lesion region, and the cities, towns, and routes that it holds within.

Southern Lesion

Clear Cliff- A small town overlooking a cliff located on the bottom left edge of Lesion. It is a vibrant community rich in knowledge and understanding. It is said that those who pass through this town on the way to the Lesion League are destined for greatness.

Seasalt Town- A stone's throw away from Clear Cliff is Seasalt Town. Professor Hawthorn's lab is located here, as well as several kind families. Most elderly people in Lesion have made this town their home due to its calm atmosphere and friendly Pokemon.

Faelen Town- A town said to have been the homeplace of the Fairy-type Pokemon inhabiting Lesion, it is at the end of Route 2, nicknamed 'Fairy Lane', and is the home of the first Pokemon Gym that Trainers seeking the League must obtain victory at.

FireRock Hill- In the top-most portion of South-Western Lesion is FireRock Hill. An area that was once the site of an underground volcano. It is a little bit out-of-the way, but Trainer seeking the League need to tackle the Pokemon Gym here before moving on to Serenity and Beacon City.

Fairbrooke Town- The second town on the way to the League. Fairbrooke Town is quaint, and as such a fairly calm area despite that it has a Pokemon Gym. It is overshadowed by Lesion's only mountain, giving the area plenty of shade.

Misty Cove- The third town on the way to the League. Misty Cove is the only town that opens up into a cave in this region, and surprisingly enough the cave itself has its own little village inside of it where Trainers can buy herbs before returning to the town to challenge the Misty Cove Pokemon Gym.

Central and Northern Lesion

Lumiere City- The second most famous city in Lesion. It serves as the main bridge over The Divide, and has grown into quite the booming settlement due to this. The city is surrounded on both sides by arid swamplands, and Ghost-type Pokemon are more easily located in this region than the others. It also contains the Lumiere Pokemon Gym.

Vacuo City- The centerplace of all the Pokemon Contests that take place in the Lesion Region. It is common to see trainers passing through here on their way to Firerock or Serenity, and Vacuo City is a city ripe with pageantry and culture.It is labeled as a must-visit for any tourist visiting the region.

Serenity- North of Vacuo City one will find the bustling city of Serenity. While it isn't as big as Atlas or Lumiere, Serenity is home to the Fighting Dojo as well as the region's one-and-only TM shop. It also contains the Serenity Pokemon Gym, where trainers from all over come to test their skills against the town's fighting-type trainers.

Beacon City- A little ways away from Serenity lies Beacon City. As a town famed for it's nightlife, one wouldn't be surprised knowing that this is the one town in Lesion that always stays awake. The Gym Leader has even been reported to participate in some of the nightly activities that go on here, and the entire city itself is a friendly hub of music and spotlights. It also happens to contain one of Lesion's two recording studios.

Atlas City- The single largest metropolis is the entire region, Atlas is famed for its multiple casinos, nightclubs, and high-quality restraunts. It is also the home of the Lesion Battle Frontier, where Trainers finished with the League Challenge go to further sharpen their skills in the hopes of defeating the Champion in the next season. It contains one of Lesion's two recording studios.

Mistral City- The final stop for trainers who have embarked on the Lesion League Challenge, Mistral City is well-known for it's Ironworks as well as the hardy nature of the people that inhabit it. A lift located in the eastern part of the City allows people passage further up the mountain to Lake Azure.

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