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Bel De La Morte (Ghost Type Gym Leader)

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Bel De La Morte (Ghost Type Gym Leader) Empty Bel De La Morte (Ghost Type Gym Leader)

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Name: Bel de la Morte (Legally Bella Volonte)

Age: 19

Appearance: (http://www.zerochan.net/782579#full - Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou) 5'3 in height. 123 in weight. Long, purple hair worn loose with four ribbons, two red and two blue, at the hair running down in front of her arms. Purple eyes. She wears a specially made outfit that would be useful and aesthetically fitting in a fancy ball, a comfortable bed or a tough trail, it is a beautiful, comfortable and tough, purple striped dress worn with purple knee-high boots fit for travelling.

Personality: While kind, fun loving and seemingly childish, Bel is a girl that knows when to get serious and when to stay calm. When she isn't on duty or walking through the streets of Lumiere without any direction, just walking without end, she's often doing the same in the swamps of the Divide or just sitting in her room reading books, playing video games, watching tv and web shows, etc. she is almost never bored, and when she is, she gets stressed out to no end. She is rather strategic in her battling style, much like her father. Heterosexual.

Gym Number: 4th, Lumiere City

Gym Type: Ghost, gives out the Festival Badge and the Shadow Claw TM

Badge Design (Optional): The Festival Badge is shaped like a skull painted a rainbow of colours, similar to a Dia De Los Muertos decoration, this badge was given out by her great grandfather, his own great grandmother and her own great grandfather, one of the founders of Lumiere.
Badge Design:
Bel De La Morte (Ghost Type Gym Leader) Lumier11

Gym Pokemon:
Weak set
-Shuppet: Knock Off, Night Shade.
--Stats: Hp low, Atk medium, Def low, SpAtk meduim-low, SpDef low, Spd low. Ability: Insomnia
-Duskull: Astonish, Night Shade.
--Stats: Hp super-low, Atk low, Def medium-high, SpAtk low, Sp.Def High, Spd low. Ability: Levitate
-Litwick: Ember, Smog, Astonish.
--Stats: Hp medium, Atk medium-low, Def medium, Sp.Atk medium high, Sp.Def medium, speed low. Ability: Flame Body
-Ghastly: Lick, Hypnosis.
--Stats: Hp low, Atk low, Def low, SpAtk high, SpDef low, Spd medium-high. Ability: Levitate

Medium set:
-Haunter: Hypnosis, Night Shade, Sucker Punch, Venoshock (TM).
--Stats: Hp medium, Atk low, Def low, SpAtk high, SpDef medium, speed high. Ability: Levitate
-Jellicent: Scald (TM), Water Pulse, Recover, Will-o-Wisp (TM)
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Medium, Def Medium-high, SpAtk Medium-high, SpDef High, Speed Medium. Ability: Water Absorb
-Bruce (Banette): Hex, Return (TM), Shadow Claw (TM), Sucker Punch.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk High, Def Medium, SpAtk Medium-high, Sp Def Medium, Spd Medium. Ability: Insomnia
-Lampent: Flame Burst, Hex, Will-o-Wisp (TM), Sunny Day (TM)
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Medium-low, Def Medium, SpAtk High, SpDef Medium-High, Spd Medium. Ability: Flame Body

Strong/Signature/Field Set
-Damien (Duskinoir): Thunder Punch, Return (TM), Brick Break (TM), Shadow Punch.
--Stats: Hp medium-low, Atk high, Def High, SpAtk medium-high, SpDef High, Spd Medium-low. Ability: Pressure
-Ada (Froslass): Blizzard, Thunder (TM), Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball.
--Stats: Hp medium-high, Atk medium high, Def medium, SpAtk high, SpDef medium, Spd high. Ability: Snow Cloak
-Marais (Chendelure): Pain Split, Hex, Overheat (TM), Will-o-Wisp(TM).
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk medium, Def medium-high, SpAtk Very high, SpDef medium-high, Spd medium-high. Ability: Flame Body
-Barret (Golurk): Mega Punch, Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Hammer Arm. Field Moves: Fly (TM)
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Very High, Def High, SpAtk Medium, SpDef low, Spd low. Ability: Iron Fist

History: Born a bastard daughter and raised in city of Lumiere to the previous gym leader, now Elite 4 member, Connar De L'Essaim, and his now-passed girlfriend, Bonnie Volonte. She was given a fairly happy life, her parents loved her very much and raised her well, but she was often very bored, often going outside of the city into the swamps of the Divide despite knowing it's dangerous, she picked up good parkour skills thanks to her exploration, when her parents found out, they weren't sad or angry, they were actually quite happy that she enjoyed exploring, as such, at the age of 14, a year earlier than most trainers in the region, her mother gave her a newly born Duskull who's egg laid by her own Duskinoir, Cadeau. The next year was rather boring until Bel met a boy only a year younger than her with a Ralts, his name was Ebo Destin and it was love at first sight for both of them, he was there to challenge her father, the Ralts was injured from their journey to the swamp, so she helped him to the nearest pokemon centre and challenged him to a battle herself just to see how good he was, Ebo won, Bel then payed for his hotel room in the city after a small bit of flirting and two deals, one, that they would go on a date if he won, the second was that the loser would do any one thing the winner wanted. The day after, he challenged her father and won, winning the bet, the thing he wanted her to do, travel with him across the region, she, of course, obeyed without question. Nothing of note for this moment really happened on their journey, Bel never really cared for badges, for she knew that her father would pass his own gym down to her when he retired, but it was doubtlessly pleasant and she caught the pokemon she uses to this day against her stronger foes. A year after she and Ebo left the city, her father was promoted to be a member of the Elite 4 after her grandfather, Venin, passed away, but she could not get to be gym leader at the time, due to being too far away from home to take up the title, so her mother took it up in her place for the time being, however, soon after, she was diagnosed with a fatal disease with no known cure, as such, Bel was forced to go home and become gym leader. Bidding her lover good bye for now at the steps to Victory Road, wishing him good luck. By the time she got home, her mother had already passed away. While she was devastated her mother died without her, she still took up her title with no problems, taking up the name of Bel De La Morte in honour of both her mother and the ghost types both they and multiple of her ancestors ordered with ease...

Misc Information:
-She has an obsession with myths, legends and traditions concerning life, death and rebirth.
-Her favourite style of music is j-pop, nerdcore rap comes in as a close second.
-Her favourite pokemon is Duskinoir.
-Her starter was Damien as a Duskull who was a gift from her mother.
-Is dating Ebo Destin, the gym leader of Faelen Town, and used to travel the region with him before she became the gym leader.

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