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Post by Ishizu on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:21 pm


Name: Ishizu

Age (at least 15): 16


Face Claim:
Faceclaim: bakemonogatari | hitagi Ishizu ( trianer ) Tumblr_ngz22ciaaw1sia0o5o1_1280
Personality: strong willed, super loving of her Pokemon, never backs down from a challenge, around her friends she jokes around and is carefree. In battle she is quick witted and believes in her Pokemon just as her Pokemon believe in her. She loves the thrill of winning a battle but still is learning how to accept defeat. She trains as hard as she can with her Pokemon and isn't afraid to lean on her friends for support. Her best friend is her partner charmander and he is always by her side even outside of battle. She loves all of her Pokemon but charmander always had a special place.

History: Ishizu grew up with a broken family but never let that get to her. She surrounded herself with supporting friends and let that encourage her to become the person she always wished to be. She loved Pokemon so much that she counted down the days till she could become a trainer. When the day finally came she packed her things and found her Pokemon partner and started their journey together.


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Ishizu ( trianer ) Empty Re: Ishizu ( trianer )

Post by Reaper on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:43 pm

: /

For some reason I find it a bit short, but then again I may be subconsciously comparing people to Requiem. Either way, I see nothing wrong here.

Approved and Moved, PM me when you wish to begin the Introductory Thread to assign Moves and Stats to the starter, as well as have your Trainer receive their Pokedex.

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