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Briar Turley {WIP} Empty Briar Turley {WIP}

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Name: Briar Argent

Age (at least 15): 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair fading to blonde that reaches to her hips, two long braids in the front tied by violet bows. She wears a gray long sleeve shirt at all times, along with a black short skirt with pink and white spiral-striped socks and black hiking boots. She has very fair, slightly-tanned skin and bright green eyes with naturally pinked lips. She stands at 4'10", very short for her age.

Personality: Briar is clumsy and a bit of a hothead at times but she is usually very pleasant and friendly when she is around friends. Otherwise, she is a bit shy. She is eager to help others but nerves often get in the way of initiating conversation.
Like many people in her hometown she is hardy and resourceful as well as welcoming.
She is very proud of being short and cute and, unlike many girls who are short, only gets angry when there are girls as short as her around.
She is a very talented singer and artist and is always seen painting or singing or writing songs and poetry. Her best friend has always been her Mawile, so she is often her muse.

History: She grew up in the back isolated half of Iron Island in Sinnoh where her family lived off of whatever iron and steel they could mine and sell. Before too long in her childhood, most of her 7 siblings had gone off to start a journey in different regions, taking different family pokemon with them. When Briar was 12, all that was left (after famine, call for work elsewhere, and adolescent ambition to carve a future for themselves) was her, her big brother Cobalt, her younger sister Colleen and their father Pewter.
Pewter only had 4 more pokemon to his name: Skarmory, Mawile, Bisharp, and Aron. All of these pokemon were very dear to everyone in the family but, one left with each family member to go. And

Starter*: Mawile

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