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Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader)

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Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader) Empty Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader)

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:23 pm

Name: Nicholas Born

Age: 39

Appearance: (Face Claim - Kiyoteru Hiyama - Vocaloid) 5'9 in height. 156 in weight. Medium-length brown hair, Greyish-brown eyes. Wears a fancy black suit with a white undershirt, a pair of matching dressshoes and a blue necktie.

Personality: Nicholas Born is the embodiement of the "Cool retired musician dad" Archtype, extremely skilled at guitar, both electric and acoustic, and many styles of music involving them. He is, while cocky and sometimes childish, still kind, caring and fatherly. Heterosexual.

Gym Number: 2nd, Fairbrooke Town

Gym Type: Normal Type, Gives the Spotlight Badge and the Giga Impact TM.

Badge Design: A thin, grey rectangular bar with three large thin, yellow ovals and two small, cream star-like shapes between them, reminiscent of a spotlight above a stage.
Spotlight Bade:
Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader) Spotli10

Gym Pokemon (Species, Move Set):
Weak Set
-Whismur: Pound, Echoed Voice, Astonish.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Medium, Def Low, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Low, Spd Low. Ability: Soundproof.
-Porygon: Tackle, Psybeam, Conversion.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Medium, Def Medium High, SpAtk High, SpDef Medium High, Spd Medium Low. Ability: Trace.
-Meowth: Scratch, Bite, Fake out.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Medium, Def Medium Low, SpAtk Medium Low SpDef Medium Low, Spd Very High. Ability: Technician.
Medium Set
-Loudred: Stomp, Uproar, Brick Break (TM), Facade (TM).
--Stats: Hp Medium High, Atk Medium High, Def Medium Low, SpAtk Medium High, SpDef Medium Low, Spd Medium Low. Ability: Soundproof.
-Vigoroth: Slash, Chip Away, Facade, Retaliate.
--Stats: Hp High, Atk High, Def Medium, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Medium, Spd High. Ability: Vital Spirit.
-Porygon2: Psybeam, Psyshock (TM), Thunderbolt (TM), Magic Coat.
--Stats: Hp Medium High, Atk Medium High, Def Medium High, SpAtk High, SpDef High, Spd Medium. Ability: Download.
-Fearow: Aerial Ace, Facade (TM), Echoed Voice (TM), Mirror Move.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk High, Def Medium, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Medium, Spd High. Ability: Keen Eye.
Strong/Signature/Field Set
-Brass (Exploud): BoomBurst, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact (TM), Earthquake (TM).
--Stats: Hp High, Atk High, Def Medium High, SpAtk High, SpDef Medium High, Spd Medium. Ability: Soundproof
-Precussion (Slaking): Hammer Arm, Giga Impact (TM), Focus Punch, Flail.
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Very High, Def High, SpAtk Medium High, SpDef Medium, Spd Medium Low.
-Woodwind (Porygon Z): Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon, Psychic (TM), Blizzard (TM)
--Stats: Hp Medium High, Atk Medium, Def Medium, SpAtk Very High, SpDef Medium, Spd High. Ability: Adaptibility.
-Strings (Lopunny): Dizzy Punch, High Jump Kick, Giga Impact (TM), Focus Punch.
--Stats: Hp Medium, Atk Medium High, Def High, SpAtk Very Low, SpDef Medium, Spd Very High. Ability: Cute Charm.

History: Born and raised in Mauville City, Hoenn, Nicholas Born was a upper-middle class kid raised around high tech, slow days and fast nights. He was often unimpressed by musicians at the time, they either sounded all the same or sounded bad, at least in his opinion, he often preferred music from the west. He got his own guitar at the age of 7, it was acoustic and finely-made, a month later, he begged his father for his own pokemon for the sake of having a pet, they were going to visit relatives in Rustboro a few days after, so they killed two birds with one stone and caught him a Whismur, this Whismur is with him to this day as an Exploud. He got better and better at the guitar and got a few friends to make a band with him at the age of 13, they didn't get much farther than cover songs uploaded online for a while, but they eventually started playing friday nights in Nick's garage, which got a small audience, mostly other kids from their school, but it was something, at the age of fourteen they started to get popular around the town and online, making a bit of money from tips at their garage concerts, their popularity grew quickly after, at the age of 15 they got themselves quite a large fanbase, him especially as the face of the band, of course, music wasn't the only thing he did, he also was a very skilled trainer, by the time they got the start of their fanbase, Brass was already an Exploud and he had picked up Woodwind the Porygon-Z, then a Porygon-2, Precussion the Slaking, at that point a Vigoroth, and Strings the Lopunny. After they got their big break at 17, they got BIG, but after that, nothing important at this moment happened, eventually the band drifted apart after a long time of success and Nicholas retired at merely 24, after that, he moved to Fairbrooke, Lesion, buying a nice large home to enjoy his retirement in, he soon met a beautiful girl named Lyla Beige, only a year younger than him, it was love at first sight and they soon got married and had a child named Peter. While nothing really bad happened after Peter's birth, nothing exciting really happened either, him and his pokemon were getting extremely bored with a life of moderate luxuray... That's when they heard that the current gym leader at the time was retiring and was looking for a replacement who could best him, they jumped at the chance to get into it, they were the first to challenge him and were the ones to win against him, he was given the deed to the building and the title of gym leader, he converted the building, originally themed around plushies and collections, into a music stage themed battle field. He took to the role like a water-type to water and was truly happy for the first time since his son's birth.

Misc Information:
-Has two special guitars, Leistung, the electric one, and Anmut, the acoustic one. Leistung is themed after an Exploud, while Anmut is themed after a Porygon Z.
-His first Pokemon was Brass the Exploud, found and caught with his father in his childhood on the way to see relatives in Rustboro.
-Has a one-sided rivalry with Elite 4 member Connar De L'Essain for being the newest E4 member when he believes he should've gotten the job.
-His stage name from his glory days was "Nikolai S. Reborn".
-Before he took over, the gym's badge was called the Plushie badge and was shaped like a  doll (Like the Substitute dolls from the games) and the leader gave out the Substitute TM.

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Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader) Empty Re: Nicholas Born (Normal Type Gym Leader)

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Approved and Moved. To be added to League soon.

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