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Elite 4 Member- Number 1: Connar

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Elite 4 Member- Number 1: Connar Empty Elite 4 Member- Number 1: Connar

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Name: Connar De L'Essaim

Age: 34

Personality: While seemingly irresponsibly laid back, he is anything but irresponsible, having great pride in constant training and the upholding of tradition. Despite this, he often enjoys messing with his fellow Elites and their challengers, having a good knowledge of psychology and the art of stealth.

Appearance: (Face Claim - Rinnosuke Morichika - Touhou) 5'9 in height. 144 in weight. Short silver hair, pale brown eyes. Wears a fine, blue and black robe fit for any situation, glasses and a pair of Geta.

Gym Number: Elite 4, First Member

Gym Type: Bug

Gym Pokemon (Species, Move Set):
-Drapion: Cross Poison, Crunch, Earthquake (TM), Giga Impact (TM)
--Stats: Hp Medium High, Atk High, Def Very High, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Medium High, Spd Medium High.
-Volcarona: Sunny Day (TM), Fiery Dance, Hurricane, Solar Beam (TM), Fly.
--Stats: Hp Medium-High, Atk Medium, Def Medium, SpAtk Very High, SpDef High, Spd Very High. Ability: Flame Body.
-Scolipede: Venom Drench, Megahorn, Poison Jab (TM), Double Edge,
--Stats: HP Medium-High, Atk High, Def High, SpAtk Medium, SpDef Medium-High, Spd High. Ability: Poison Point
-Escavilier: Giga Impact, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Double Edge
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Very High, Def Very High, SpAtk Medium Low, SpDef High, Spd Very Low. Ability: Swarm.
-Yanmega: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Hyper Beam (TM), Solar Beam (TM)
--Stats: Hp High, Atk Medium High, Def Medium High, SpAtk Very High, SpDef Medium Low, Spd High. Ability: Tinted Lens. Hold Item: Rose Incense.

History: Born and raised in Lumiere City to Vinen and Rein De L'essain, Connar was raised to work hard and to battle ten times harder, his father was a tough love kind of man, wanting his son to become a strong gym leader and maybe even an elite 4 like their ancestors before him, often waking him early at the break of dawn to train. Nothing exciting happened until the age of 13, where he met the love of his life, a girl named Bonnie Volonte, they were fast friends and were near inseparable. Soon, his father was promoted by the league to the Elite 4 after his own father passed and he proved his worth, leaving the Lumiere Gym to Connar at the age of 15. After a few more years of being the leader, he and Bonnie had a beautiful daughter, Bella. After many more years, his own father had retired, leaving his gym to his wife while their daughter was travelling (See Bel's Bio for that) however, Bonnie had been diagnosed with a fatal disease a few days after Connar left to the league, Connar, due to his duties, did not see his wife when she died and was left heartbroken by it, however, he knew his daughter was going to make a magnificent leader...

Misc Information:
-Used to be the leader of Lumiere City, giving out the Parasite Badge, his father gave out the Plague Badge.
-His first pokemon was Skorupi, given to him by his father.

Character by: Empoleon_Blownaparte

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