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Trainer Character Template [Update: 8/10/15]

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Trainer Character Template [Update: 8/10/15] Empty Trainer Character Template [Update: 8/10/15]

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**If a character is also a Team Leader - regardless of whether he/she is a Trainer or a Gym Leader - keep in mind that the character must be at least twenty years of age. That, and to add in a category slot saying which team that he/she leads into whichever template you use.**

Link to the Gym Leader Template can be found: here.



Name: Self-explanatory, folks. What's your character's name?

Age: How old is your character? Take note that a character has to be at least fifteen years of age to qualify for acceptance!

Gender: The well-known question that stood against the in-game generations: "Are you a boy or a girl?". ...Or, in this case, is your character a boy or a girl?

Primary Type(s): Does your character take on a sort of Pokemon Type theme? Is his or her team mostly Fighting Types, Fire Types, or things of that sort? **Note that this is optional, and, if you want your Trainer to be rounded Type-wise, a simple 'N/A' in this category would suffice.**

Appearance: What does your character look like? Height? Weight? Body Figure? Clothing? Include things like that right here!

History: Everyone has their own upbringing or some sort of history, no matter how active or bland it may possibly be. Give one to your character!

Personality: How does your character act?

Misc Information: Any extra information that you think would be fitting to list about your character goes here.


Keep the following things in mind:
(1) - Some researching will most likely have to be done in this section.
(2) - If your character has more than one Pokemon, just repeat the Pokemon 'Templates' for the according number of times. The first Pokemon listed should be the character's Main and/or Starter Pokemon.
(3) - Make sure that the moves that your Pokemon knows are at least possible to be learned by them to begin with. There won't be any Magikarps flopping around and striking things down with Thunderbolt on this forum.
(4) - Natures will effect a Pokemon's stats in this forum. Use the Nature Charts provided in the forum's resource and information section to select a Nature for your Pokemon and to appropriately fixate said Pokemon's stat growth as you 'level up'.

Pokemon ||| Its Gender ||| Nature ||| Its Type(s)

Nickname: Does this Pokemon have a specific name that it's called?
Ability: What Ability does this Pokemon have? (Can be a Normal Ability or a Hidden Ability.)
Held Item: Does this Pokemon hold an item? (Please note that items are purchased through one of the shopping threads in the 'Shopping and Merchandise' category in this forum.)

Personality: How does this Pokemon act?

History: How/where was this Pokemon obtained?

-Move 1 ||| Type ||| Special/Physical ||| Hit/Accuracy
-Move 2 ||| Type ||| Special/Physical ||| Hit/Accuracy
**If a Pokemon has more than two moves, just add more as necessary. On this forum, a Pokemon can know up to six moves, instead of the normal four that we're used to.**


HP |||
Attack |||
Defense |||
Special Attack |||
Special Defense |||
Speed |||
**Be reasonable with these stats, and make sure that they at least loosely match what the Pokemon's stats should really look like.**





[b][u]Primary Type(s):[/u][/b]




[b][u]Misc Information:[/u][/b]

[center][b][u][size=24]POKEMON LISTINGS[/size][/u][/b][/center]

[b]Pokemon[/b] ||| [b]Gender[/b] ||| [b]Nature[/b] ||| [b]Type(s)[/b]

[b][u]Held Item:[/u][/b]



[center]-Move 1 ||| Type ||| Special/Physical ||| Hit/Accuracy
-Move 2 ||| Type ||| Special/Physical ||| Hit/Accuracy


[b]HP[/b] |||
[b]Attack[/b] |||
[b]Defense[/b] |||
[b]Special Attack[/b] |||
[b]Special Defense[/b] |||
[b]Speed[/b] |||


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