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Corvou Dracul Azuryn [Trainer] Empty Corvou Dracul Azuryn [Trainer]

Post by Requiem on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:02 pm

(Note that most of these things were really just copied from the RWBY forum. The appearance has been tweaked the most because of, like...Faunus-related things.)


Name: Corvou Dracul Azuryn

Age (at least 15): Twenty-three years of age.

Gender: Male

Spoiler tagged to save space:
Quite the tall and toned lad, standing at a height of six foot ten and weighing in at roughly one hundred and ninety-five pounds. Corvou has eyes that are of a shining tint of silver. His sight isn’t exactly perfect, nor is it anywhere near considered as legally blind, so he wears contacts rather than glasses. Excluding occasions in which fixing his hair is deemed necessary or fitting, he often wears his hair like this as his normal, casual style. (Aaaah...if you need a headshot reference for his hair or something, just ask me. Forumotion won't let me link it for a week, and honestly, I'd rather not wait that long.)

He has several old scars and stitches laid all throughout his skin from an accident earlier in his life, primarily on the face, neck, arms, and torso. Struck across the bridge of his nose and diagonally across his right eye are a couple of thin, long scars. Starting from the left edge of his lip and curving upwards slightly is another scar, giving him a faint, ever-smiling look. Across the front and side of his neck are a set of two scars and one old stitching. The scars on both of his arms are just a mess of marks riding from the top of the shoulders all the way down and around his hands and fingers. Striking diagonally across his chest is a large gash, starting a bit higher than the area above his heart and going down across his stomach, right below the right side of the ribcage. These wounds of his are normally covered by bandages beneath his clothing.

His basic attire could very well be considered completely formal, if it weren’t for the fact that he wears a few casual items, settling him into the category of semi-casual, rather than full-blown formal. As a first layer upon the torso, he wears a longsleeved and collared button-up dress shirt, which is almost always tucked beneath the waistband of his pants and is guaranteed to be some dark shade of blue. Over this, he wears a tuxedo vest of either a dark or lightish variation of grey. On top of both of the stated layers, he also tends to wear either a tuxedo coat or a simple, collared longsleeve composed of soft material. This last torso layer tends to be strictly of a dark black coloring. Around his neck and beneath the collar of his first shirt, he will be wearing a neatly-fixed tie of either a light blue or a white color. While the knot and a portion of the upper part of it would be seen, the remainder of it is normally tucked beneath his vest.

For the lower body, he has an equal chance of wearing two types of pants: slacks or jeans. Regardless of the type of pants that he wears, however, they will always be of a darkened black. The type of footwear that he sports never seems to differ, as he seems to wear a pair of black dress shoes a lot of the time.

He also tends to keep several accessories on his being a lot of the time. Atop his head, one will often find his favorite fedora; its base hue of a deep, slightly faded blue, with a black stripe circling around the crown. Alongside this, he also keeps six dogtags with him at all times on three individual chains, though normally only wears one while hooking the other two chains onto either side of the waistband of his pants and tucking the tags within the pockets. Each dogtag is composed of lightly scratched and worn metal of a metallic black, showing the age and the length in which Corvou has had them. Each individual tag has beautifully-designed engravings bordering the front, with a name engraved in the center of said borders horizontally; one for each deceased member of his family.

Spoiler tagged to save space:
Somewhat mature in comparison to many others. Quite calm and polite when in his normal mood; Corvou is the type to respect most people if just the slightest bit, even if they happen to be one of the people he flat-out hates, or have the type of personality he dislikes.

Corvou does like to joke around quite a bit, yes; be it to just light up an interesting conversation, to just be humorous, or to lift someone’s mood. He tries his best to be considerate of others, though his somewhat sarcastic nature, and his dark and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor could get in the way of others seeing that until it’s a bit too late. Whenever he fully realizes that what he has said has negatively effected someone that he talked to, be it from just a one-time encounter or on a regular basis, he would more than likely meet them face to face in attempt to apologize and try to make amends.

Despite what one could possibly take note of his potential, unintentionally (most of the time) offensive and witty remarks upon their first encounter with him, the reptilian is always willing to lend a helping hand to those that he thinks need it the most. Underneath the layers of his being, he’s often glad to others around him when they need it, be it during their studies, combat training, or perhaps when they just need a shoulder to lean on and a person to talk to.

Many don’t know it, but Corvou actually has quite the way with words, and can be a smooth talker when he wishes to be. This aspect of him isn’t shown as often as the others, however, unless he feels like revealing it, is around friends (though normally won’t mean the things he says in this scenario), or is…well, drunk. In other words, he’s…basically a voluntary smooth talker. Sometimes he lets others see this side and plays along with it just to see their reactions, though knows when to stop for a good amount of the time.

It usually takes a lot to crack him mentally, but a way to light his fuse almost instantly is to either discriminate against others in his line of sight, or talk of family members while around him. There are many others things that could set him off, but those two things are the primary things that would piss him off the most. If either of these things happened, he would probably attempt to ask the person/people to politely stop, or perhaps interrogate them on occasion. Should they continue on without heeding what he had requested or asked of them, then it wouldn’t exactly take too long for him to lash out.

History: …Honestly, just refer to his History back on RWBYUnglued up until he wakes up from his coma. Just…take away the RWBY-esque details and whatnot. Make the airship he was on before his coma an actual plane. Take away mentions of Faunus, if there were any. Just change the school/Academy names to, like…Trainer’s Schools that you’d find across the Regions, or something.

Aaaaaaand…make it so that he was born and raised in Sinnoh while studying in his home, Canalave City, and just moved to Lesion upon his thirteenth birthday after his coma while being escorted by his uncle, as the rest of his family would still be deceased at that point. From there, he would have chosen to officially start his journey at the youngest age possible, fifteen, though never actually selected a legitimate starter, as he settled for a Gible that his uncle gave to him as a gift, rather than one of the normal starters. Ever since receiving said Gible – which he named Ryuu for somewhat obvious reasons – he officially embarked on his journey. He actually caught several Pokemon during his first couple of years without making many visits to the Gyms, eventually building his team around Dragon-types, though decided to put his travels on hold as his uncle began to fall ill. Because of the sickness, he returned to Vacuo City, which was the area in which he and his uncle had stayed in ever since relocating to Lesion. This illness has continued to linger up until the current day, which caused Corvou’s uncle to remain bedridden. Seeing as though he held up the man’s journey a great deal, he insisted that he go and leave. Corvou did end up complying, though left all of his Pokemon behind to take care of his remaining family member in reluctance.

All in all, he has basically restarted his journey with plans to actually visit the Gyms along the Region and to reach the Pokemon League.

Starter: Charmander
*Nickname: Drakys (DRAH-kihs)
*Ability: Blaze

Current Moves:
Scratch - Growl

(Stats compared to one another at the current time)
HP ||| Mid
Attack ||| Mid
Defense ||| Mid
Special Attack ||| High
Special Defense ||| Mid
Speed ||| High
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Corvou Dracul Azuryn [Trainer] Empty Re: Corvou Dracul Azuryn [Trainer]

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